Jigsaw Junction is a center-based organization dedicated to providing quality behavior analytic intervention to children on the Autism spectrum.

All instruction is individualized to the learning needs of each child. With behavior analysts and technicians working together in one centralized location, we provide the oversight and attention to detail needed to deliver a quality intervention program.

Mission Statement

Jigsaw Junction is founded on the principles of quality and value.

We define quality as the adherence to behavioral principles. We strongly believe that instructors who effectively analyze data and who teach without deviating from procedure will produce superior results.

When behavior analysts and their technicians work together in one central location, higher quality interventions ensue.

We define value as the efficient use of time and money. This concept is directly linked to the concept of quality: When effective teaching practices are in place, more learning can occur in the same amount of given time.

By bringing together the behavior analysts and technicians in one central location, the exchange of ideas and problem-solving tactics becomes more efficient. The student learns more per unit of time, and parents save money.


All testimonials posted were voluntarily provided by current or past clients. No testimonials were solicited.
Our child has been a client of Jigsaw Junction for over a year now. The best words to describe our experience at Jigsaw is simply “life changing.”. From the initial diagnosis to preparing for kindergarten and beyond, their ability to support our family extends far beyond the classroom. They are with you every step of the way and make you feel like you are part of a community. I don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance in the many facets of our journey with autism and they will never hesitate to do whatever they can to help. They help me be the best parent that can I be. Every person from the office staff, behavior technicians, ABA therapists to the Director are all amazing, easy to approach and genuinely kind people. My child has experienced tremendous growth at this center-based facility and I honestly can’t imagine our life without Jigsaw in it.
Jenny G.
We came to jigsaw Junction almost a year ago. Our youngest son, Lukas, was diagnosed with ASD on October 19th 2015. He had just turned 2. As a stay at home mom, my focus was to get him the best care possible, and that is when we found jigsaw!!!! From the moment I first talked to Monica over the phone, I knew we had found our place. Everyone was so informative (as we were so new to the autism world) and genuinely kind. I could go on for days about how wonderful and helpful the staff is. In the year that Lukas has been at jigsaw, he has flourished in every aspect. When he started, he was pretty much non-verbal, non-social with very little eye contact. Today he is a completely different child. He is very verbal, loves playing with other kids and has great eye contact, our friends and family are constantly amazed by his progress. Autism (at least for us) was and still is an emotional roller coaster. Jigsaw has been our saving grace, with direction navigating education, behavior and pretty much anything else that comes up. We know Lukas has a much brighter future being at Jigsaw Junction and we constantly look forward to what he learns next!!! I highly recommend Jigsaw Junction, they truey have changed our lives and given Lukas a jump start at life on the spectrum.
The Kon family
It’s been over 3 years now since Jigsaw Junction has been part of our Autism Journey. Nina started Jigsaw at 2 years old and has grown so much! I cannot say that it was easy. It’s been a “bumpy ride” full of ups and a lot of downs… It requires a lot of resilience, patience, time and love. Qualities that all your staff has shown and taught me through the years. Today we are happy to say she is in a typical kindergarten classroom with basic support in our home school. We all worked so much for this, and it is all coming together now. We could not be more proud of her and grateful for having you in our lives. Thank you Jigsaw for helping Nina grow and making me a better parent. Thank you for every single word of encouragement and for showing me a path when I couldn’t see a way out. Thank you for advocating for her and teaching me how to do that too. Thank you for educating me and for holding my hand when I couldn’t hold back my tears. You made a huge difference in her life, and for that, our family will be forever thankful.
Our Autism journey started when Arhan got his diagnosis at the age of 4. Monica had just launched her company, and we were one of her first clients. In the beginning Arhan hardly spoke a few words and in six months, under her wings he was able to talk in full sentences. Now, with a smile on my face I recall asking Monica one day “When will Arhan start talking?” and to that Monica’s response was “Wait Sahana! One day you will be asking when he will stop talking.” In fact that did happen! This wouldn’t have been possible without Monica’s help, her positive outlook, hope and encouragement. Apart from being a wonderful person, Monica has always assisted us during difficult times by being very supportive, caring and providing solutions to our problems. She has laid an excellent foundation for Arhan. Today, Arhan has made much progress in his long journey. We are truly blessed to have Monica in our lives.
After a late diagnosis of autism for my 5 year old son, I began the journey of finding the best ABA program available. It landed us here at Jigsaw Junction, and we could not be happier. The program is completely transparent. All of my cares and concerns are answered immediately. The staff is organized, participates in ongoing training and have a visible passion for what they do. This is the first place I have ever left my son where I did not have to worry every second he was away from me, and that says it all. The program they put in place is constantly reshaped to ensure he is learning to his full potential. The results have been nothing less than amazing. Although we still have a long way to go, I am now filled with hope. We are so grateful for Jigsaw Junction and their incredible staff.
Jigsaw Junction staff has become an extension of our family since our son started at the center, I see his face light up every time we arrive there. He is receiving quality, caring service from the awesome therapists and Program Managers. The team knows their stuff and truly care, they will work with you to customize your child's program, track success, re-evaluate and re-invent the program when necessary. I also like that they are willing to and do coordinate well with other care givers to ensure consistency. Monica is a great example of what a leader should be.
It has been almost eight years, but I still remember the day Monica walked in our door. We were looking for a home tutor for our son, Vibhu, who had just been diagnosed with ASD, and even before I talked to Monica, I knew that our search had ended. We were incredibly lucky to have found someone as caring, bright, and motivated as Monica. Vibhu thrived under her care, and showed growth that can only be described as miraculous, in the two years that she worked with him. Monica went on to get her Master's degree from Columbia University, and returned back to Seattle, to work for Northwest Behavioral Associates, in 2005, as a program manager. She has been Vibhu's program manager since then, and he eagerly looks forward to his Monday sessions with her. As a tween, his needs have changed; she is now his role model, and his confidante. Monica's greatest asset has been her perceptiveness; she instinctively recognizes, and addresses Vibhu's needs. Eight years back, good fortune, in the form of Monica walked in our front door. Vibhu is now a well adjusted fifth grader with a small group of friends, and is also doing well academically. I attribute most of his success to Monica, and wish her the very best with her new venture.
Over 3 years ago when we started our journey with Autism and started to see Monica for ABA Therapy, Zackary would barely sit in a chair and pay attention for more than 30 sec. Today Zackary is a smart, funny, loving caring little boy that we credit with Monica helping us discover. With her help Zackary has blossomed tremendously. He is learning things that we didn't think he would ever know and has given us such hope for a great future for Zackary. Zackary amazes us every day and we thank Monica for all of her knowledge and expertise in helping Zackary. She would find ways of teaching him things when the generic way would not work and she would not give up until she found the way to help Zackary. Zackary has a great connection with Monica. He is always excited to come and "play" with her. Monica also is great with siblings and dealing with parents. She is great in helping us with the problems that come up with dealing with Autism. Monica has been wonderful when it comes to writing appropriate programs, IEP goals and visiting Zackary in his class room at school. She has the respect of the teachers and staff that Zackary works with on a daily basis and that means a lot to our family that they all work together to help Zackary. Monica is an extension of our family and we appreciate everything that she has done for Zackary and to help our family in our journey with Autism. There are no words to say how thankful we are for having her in our lives and the things that she has done for our family. She is amazing!